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E3 2009 Hands-On: Dragon Age: Origins

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After watching the 20 minute showing of Dragon Age at the EA both at E3 I was left wanting more.  The video ended with an epic battle with a dragon and showed off some the moral choices that are encountered through out the game.  Some of the interesting points from the presentation were that your party is ever evolving.  If you make decision that others like they will fight harder for you.  Vice versa if you really upset a party member they may even fight you to the death over their beliefs.  All in all it looked like it was shaping up to be another masterpiece for Bioware… then I got to play the game hands on.

As I entered the world of Dragon Age: Origins I was given a taste of the elven race’s starting point.  I had to pick between a warrior, a rogue and finally a mage.  All of these classes later expanded into 6 distinct specializations.  I picked a warrior and put all my points into 2 hand weapons and began my adventures in the world of Ferelden.  The leveling screen and skills look similar to Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect and is easy to navigate.  The combat on the console version (which I played) was mapped with A being your primary attack and X, Y, and B being special attacks/buffs/debuffs.  There was also other set of X, Y, and B that held another 3 skills.  As I wandered the wooden lands of the elven world we ran across a group of humans coming from a tomb.  I spared their lives and was told I was the only person that day that had.

As we moved along towards the tomb I was given my first taste of combat.  Since the game did not start me off with a 2 hand weapon I was forced to only use my primary attack against a pack of wolves.  My character sliced and diced while my ally let loose a barrage of arrows into our enemies.  After looting the bodies and finding herbs I was informed that crafting will be available in the game.  I was also told that using the same armor sets will give bonuses to character.  After finding a 2 hand weapon in the tomb I was able to use my special attacks.  The blow back animations were amazing to see and felt effective against the spiders.

After a cutscene I ended back in my camp.  I was joined by a mage and was able to see the spell casting effects in the game.  All in all Dragon Age: Origins is shaping up to be one massive and entertaining game.  The game will be released on October 20th, 2009 for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3, so get ready!

Batman: Arkham Asylum – BANE REVEALED!

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batman-aa-coverEidos has announced that the bat killer, Bane will be in their upcoming Batman video game.  The video after the jump from youtube (taken for Gametrailers) shows the brute in action. Read More »