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Halo Reach Beta is Now Live – Thousands Call in Sick with “Team Slayer-itis”

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Calling all Halo geeks: it’s officially time to dust off that old copy of ODST and have yourself a taste of Bungie’s latest helping of multiplayer deliciousness. Be sure to test out the sweet new armor abilities (read: OMG JETPACKS?!?!) and we’re confident that once you taste the new DMR, the battle-rifle will be nothing more than a distant memory.

Update:  After some brief technical issues due the overwhelming response of 600,000 rabid fans, Bungie appears to have things under control once again and the Rarespawn editors were able to get up and running.


Shiny New Coat of Forza 3 Screens to “Wax Off” To

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Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft have released a spankin’ new batch of Forza Motorsport 3 screens that practically beg to be your new desktop wallpaper.  While you’re at it, be sure to check out our hands-on E3 impressions for more info on FM3, coming to Xbox 360 this October.

E3 Hands-On Impressions: Forza Motorsport 3

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Racing fans rejoice – your favorite racer for the Xbox 360 is returning this fall and this time with a whole slough of new features that fans have been craving! Turn 10 is back with a whole new engine and a variety of graphical and gameplay improvements to update the series in style.  Follow the link to read our full hands-on impressions.

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InFamous Review: Shockingly Good!

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Platform(s): PlayStation 3infamous-cover
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Players: 1

Now that I’ve gotten the inevitable electricity pun out of the way early on (see: title), we can proceed with a serious discussion about the merits of InFamous for the PlayStation 3.  Developer Sucker Punch Productions is no stranger to platform games, but this time ’round they’ve taken a more mature approach than with their popular and critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 Sly Cooper series.  At it’s core, InFamous is an action/platformer super-hero game that combines RPG elements with intense 3rd person combat, all layered with a series of situations that tap into the player’s morality, similar to the Xbox’s Fable 1&2 games, or Bioware’s Knights of The Old Republic series.  Does InFamous live up to the hero that the PS3 so desperately needs, or does InFamous turn out to be another average game behind a shiny mask?

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First Gameplay Footage of Madden NFL 10

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While all the NFL attention this past weekend was on the draft, last week EA dropped the first major bombshell (or so they hoped) with the unveiling of the first gameplay footage from Madden NFL 10 on Spike’s GameTrailers TV. For a game that by now really should need no introduction, Peter Moore attempts to flex his mad hype skills till the very last second.

Personally, it looks like the same game I stopped buying years ago, but I want to know what you, the savy reader think?

Oh and for you Wii fans, there’s also a video available for you, but take my advice and don’t waste your time – if you thought family-play was bad… it gets worse.