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Blizzard shuts down Korea on July 27

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Blizzard has announced it will be releasing the eagerly anticipated sequel to the best game of 1998 on July 27th around the globe.  Having played the beta, I am excited to finally get my hands on the single player and start my climb on the ladders

Halo Reach Beta is Now Live – Thousands Call in Sick with “Team Slayer-itis”

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Calling all Halo geeks: it’s officially time to dust off that old copy of ODST and have yourself a taste of Bungie’s latest helping of multiplayer deliciousness. Be sure to test out the sweet new armor abilities (read: OMG JETPACKS?!?!) and we’re confident that once you taste the new DMR, the battle-rifle will be nothing more than a distant memory.

Update:  After some brief technical issues due the overwhelming response of 600,000 rabid fans, Bungie appears to have things under control once again and the Rarespawn editors were able to get up and running.