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Ah yes, the Mecca of gaming, E3, is upon us next week. This year marking the shows return to its trade show roots. I feel the announcement last October came as many people were about to turn their backs on E3, especially after the ’08 show. But with the ’09 show upon us the mood could not be any more different from how we felt last year. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all very excited for this year and promise plenty of big reveals. The show is back at its traditional venue of the Los Angeles convention center. With so much excitement around E3s revival I really hope we’re not all let down by the end of the show. We want the loud, crazy 70,000 people strong E3 with booth babes juggling fire and MCs shooting tee shirts from a canon. Though it’s already been expressed that they don’t want to return to the total madness. And this year’s attendance will probably be around 40,000. Still, I’m cautiously optimistic and no matter what, it’s a step back in the right direction. Stay tuned for our coverage of the event.


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