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InFamous Review: Shockingly Good!

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Platform(s): PlayStation 3infamous-cover
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Players: 1

Now that I’ve gotten the inevitable electricity pun out of the way early on (see: title), we can proceed with a serious discussion about the merits of InFamous for the PlayStation 3.  Developer Sucker Punch Productions is no stranger to platform games, but this time ’round they’ve taken a more mature approach than with their popular and critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 Sly Cooper series.  At it’s core, InFamous is an action/platformer super-hero game that combines RPG elements with intense 3rd person combat, all layered with a series of situations that tap into the player’s morality, similar to the Xbox’s Fable 1&2 games, or Bioware’s Knights of The Old Republic series.  Does InFamous live up to the hero that the PS3 so desperately needs, or does InFamous turn out to be another average game behind a shiny mask?

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E3 upon us

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Ah yes, the Mecca of gaming, E3, is upon us next week. This year marking the shows return to its trade show roots. I feel the announcement last October came as many people were about to turn their backs on E3, especially after the ’08 show. But with the ’09 show upon us the mood could not be any more different from how we felt last year. Read More »

3D Realms is no more

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Rumors first surfaced yesterday from multiple sources saying that developer 3D Realms had closed its doors. Seems to be the case.  Today a final post on 3D Realms’ website says “Thanks for being fans and all your support.” and has a photo of the team. Beyond that no official statement has really been made but rumors speculate that funding problems triggered the closure. As we all know 3D Realms were working on the aptly titled Duke Nukem Forever which was been in development since ’97. Sadly, I very much doubt we’ll ever see anything beyond a few screen shots and concept art from Duke Nukem Forever. Sorry to see you guys go.

Red Dead Redemption 1st Trailer

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the first trailer for Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to Red Dead Revolver hit the internet.  Check out the fresh trailer below and tell us what you think.

The trailer looks really impressive and I was a fan of the first game.  The rumor going around is that the game is going to have a sandbox world for you to explore.  While this reminds me of Gun I am excited to see more details on this game. Shows Off New Digs – Features Beta Opt-In Program

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Big news for all you Blizzard junkies – beta signups (presumably including Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3) begin today! Head on over to the newly revamped and register your old games under a new, unified account. Once registered, be sure to follow the instructions on the Beta Profile Settings page to be considered for future Blizzard beta programs.

For the rest of us who don’t get admitted, there’s still a nice incentive to register as once you’ve linked all your old CD-Keys to your account, you can download your old games at any time, on any computer. Pretty handy feature, especially for those of us who broke our old Brood War disc in the great LAN of ’99.

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Best news of the last month!- Marvel vs Capcom 2 Official!- UPDATE

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is slated for release on June 29th.  Get stoked.